New Zealand marine industry hits NZ$3bn

Queenstown, New Zealand

The marine industry is now worth NZ$3bn annually to the New Zealand economy, achieving around $2.2bn in local sales, and $800m in exports.

These figures were among new statistics that showed the size and growth of the industry released at the recent NZ Marine Industry Association conference (7-9 August 2023) by executive director Peter Busfield.

NZ Marine Industry Association, also known as MIA, is the major professional association for the marine sector in New Zealand and has 520 member companies.

Other new statistics confirmed at the conference showed the number of apprentices in boatbuilding and related trades had reached 650, and more than 5,500 boats are expected to be built this year — the vast majority trailer boats between 3.5m-8m.

New Zealand has an expansive coastline but a relatively small population of around 5.5 million people, who own around 20,000 moored vessels at 50 marinas from the far north to the deep south.

“These are exciting times, and no doubt some major developments lie ahead,” says Busfield. “One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is how much Kiwis value their boating healthy lifestyle — 1.9 million people are regularly out on the water, making boating New Zealand’s most popular recreational activity. Our industry is in good heart, and we’re ready to push ahead into the future and build on our tradition of innovation and success.”

More than 130 people came together in Tauranga in August for the two-day conference. Keynote speakers at the event included Darren Vaux, president of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, and Andrew Fielding, president of Australia’s Boating Industry Association, who shared their insights from a global perspective.

“For many companies, these technologies are going to be the way of the future, so it was interesting to hear what’s already happening and what might lie ahead,” says Busfield.

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