Oil spill in the Bahamas: ship spills 30,000 gallons into the ocean


An oil spill in the Bahamas is being contained off the coast of Great Exuma. Around 30,000 gallons of oil have reportedly spilled into the waters off Exuma from a ship delivering fuel.

According to local reports, acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper addressed the House of Assembly on Wednesday 20 July.

“My information is that sometime last night [Tuesday 19 July] between 5pm and 4am a vessel, The Arabian, contracted for Sun Oil was offloading fuel to BPL in the area of the Old Navy Base, in George Town, and this morning it was confirmed that there was a significant spill to the tune of 30,000 gallons,” Cooper said.

George Town is located on the island of Great Exuma in the Exuma district of the Bahamas. It is understood the oil spill is currently contained in the bay area near the Exuma Sailing Club. Additional booms to contain the fuel were en route to the site of the spill on 20 July.

The minister of works & utilities, The Hon. Alfred Sears, Q.C., along with Pedro Rolle, Chairman of BPL, and Shevonn Cambridge, CEO of BPL arrived in Exuma on 20 July with other cabinet ministers and environmental engineers to assess the oil spill.

Reporters have been on scene as the oil spill in the Bahamas is tackled by local agencies:

The director of Environmental Planning and Protection told Our News Bahamas that the fuel spill in Georgetown, Exuma, is an “extreme situation,” however officials note it is “easier to contain” than most.

Exuma Sailing Club has said that the club has not been directly impacted by the diesel spill and the club remains hopeful that the effects will be minimal.

Lead image courtesy of Twitter/ Ministry of Works & Utilities in The Bahamas.

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