Portofino installs rapid marine charger

As part of Portofino’s efforts to become carbon zero, an Aqua superPower marinised supercharger has been installed in its port.

The tiny Italian town attracts thousands of visitors each year, including a growing number of mega yachts. This creates significant environmental challenges, and the installation of the new supercharger is part of the region’s wider zero-emissions and environmental protection programme, and represents a central solution to putting a vital marine e-mobility infrastructure in place.

“We are working hard to protect Portofino’s environment and the installation of the new Aqua 75 is part of our efforts to provide the necessary infrastructure for people to make the switch to electric,” says Matteo Viacava, mayor of Portofino. “The technical solutions already exist to adopt marine e-mobility and with the installation of Aqua’s marinised supercharger and supporting network, we want to bring both commercial and leisure electric boating to Portofino.”

The Aqua supercharger is available to all port users from electric jet-skis and super yacht tenders to electric boats and working boats for garbage collection, helping Portofino make substantial steps to decarbonising and protecting its marine ecosystem.

“We are delighted to service Portofino as such a world-famous destination that sets such a positive example in driving marine decarbonisation to reduce the impact of ICE [internal combustion engines] boating on the environment,” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower. “Portofino is the perfect example of location best suited to e-marine mobility and is part of the roll-out of our network of rapid DC superchargers along the Italian and French Riviera.”

Aqua superPower is developing an all-electric and integrated global ecosystem of marine superchargers to reduce the impact of boating on the marine environment. The chargers are said to provide reliable and rapid 25kW-150kW DC charging for both leisure and commercial boats.

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