RS Aero Class included in Racing of the Future at Hempel World Cup Allianz Regatta

The RS Aero will be a part of the Hempel World Cup Allianz Regatta, which is taking place from 27 May to 5 June 2022 in Almere, Netherlands. The new Racing of the Future course aims to showcase equipment innovation and cultural shifts for the future of sailing.

RS Sailing says the Aero design includes an impressive list of sustainable credentials. The 30kg hull, significantly minimises weight and efficient manufacture, and its efficient stacking system allows over 28 boats to be loaded into a 40’ shipping container, minimising freight cost and the carbon footprint of distribution to dealers and regattas.

The company also says that the RS Aero’s modern design enables a broader spectrum of sailors to compete. This, paired with a charter fleet of 20 brand new RS Aeros, provided by RS Sailing, opens up participation to sailors from outside of the class or travelling from further afield.

“The International RS Aero Class is very excited to be included in the Hempel World Cup Allianz Regatta this year and thanks the organisers for their invitation. RS Sailing providing a large charter fleet gives the opportunity for sailors new to the RS Aero to join current Class members at this prestigious event. It will be very interesting to watch the event progress with the new RS Aero Class at this World Sailing event and we look forward to building on this in the future,” says Peter Barton, the international RS Aero class manager.

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