Shocking moment helicopter crashes into the water in Miami

A helicopter crashed into Miami’s famous South Beach on Saturday afternoon just metres away from swimmers. Two passengers on board the R44 helicopter were taken to hospital after the helicopter narrowly missed weekend beachgoers and plunged into the sea. A federal investigation is now underway.

Watch the terrifying footage below:

As the video shows, it was a sunny day and the beach was packed with people. Moments after the accident, bystanders waded into the water to help the pilot and two passengers on board the Robinson R44 helicopter.

7 News Miami reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has said not a single mayday call came from the cockpit as the helicopter began to drop.

According to the Miami Beach Fire Department, the pilot is in stable condition and is “doing OK”. The two passengers were in the back seat of the helicopter and were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

In a Facebook comment, spectator Terilyn Jo said: “We watched the whole thing. There were people in the water but the pilot actually went in-between two rows of people who were standing on the sandbar. These people all then rushed in to hold up the helicopter so the occupants didn’t drown. One of the occupants was put on a surfboard until rescue workers arrived.

“The pilot walked onto the beach on his own steam. He had cuts which might have been sustained as he got out of the helicopter. The other occupant was carried out on a flotation device. Everyone cheered as the occupant arrived on the beach. All the occupants were able to speak to rescuers which was a sigh of relief as we all feared the worst.”

Police closed off areas of the beach on Saturday. The cause of the crash is currently unknown but an investigation is underway.

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