Simon Pegg aides Greenpeace in fishing protests

The Hollywood actor joined forces with Greenpeace last week to chase away industrial boats from marine protected areas.

Fresh from filming Mission Impossible 8, Pegg climbed aboard Greenpeace’s Sea Beaver, and took part in Operation Ocean Witness- the organisation’s latest mission, patrolling the UK’s marine protected areas off the south coast and preventing them from destructive fishing.

Greenpeace says it is doing what the UK government has failed to do.

“Brilliant day aboard Greenpeace vessel, Sea Beaver,” said Pegg in an instagram post.

“Fighting the good fight against irresponsible fishing practices. Thanks so much to the crew and everyone aboard for making us feel so welcome.”

Greenpeace has started a petition for the UK government to ban industrial fishing in marine protected areas. These vessels have been criticised for damaging marine life and disrupting local fishing boats.

Operation Ocean Witness is a six month mission which started in June.

This comes a flotilla of fishing boats arrived in Westminster on Wednesday to protest against broken Brexit promises. South coast inshore fishermen joined Greenpeace in protesting on the thames against pelagic trawlers, bottom trawlers and flyshooters operating in marine protected areas.

Image courtesy of Andrew McConnell / Greenpeace

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