The Banter Kit: new onboard communication system

A new onboard communication system for small crews is now available.

The Banter Kit, developed by Big Blue Maritime, is a compact two-four user system with a pocket-sized hub. It’s said to be ideal for rigging teams, coaches, or when anchoring or docking.

The system is a development of the company’s larger intercom system used by SailGP and Americas’ Cup teams. This smaller and simpler IP67 rated kit is self-contained with an internal antenna, three function buttons and one connector port. Tested in a washing machine (it still worked after a full cycle), it shares the audio quality and ruggedness of the larger long-range IP68 hubs and enjoys a range of over 300 metres.

The Banter Kit’s delivery of clear communications is amplified by a lack of audio latency (the time it takes sound to travel from one user’s mic to another user’s earpiece). Interconnectivity to a VHF or UHF radio with receive and transmit options is possible.

Any headset can be used, although IP67 headsets and professional helmet inserts, designed specifically for the marine environment, are available. The whole system comes packaged in a small, yellow, durable Pelicase that will float if lost overboard.

The Banter Kits retails directly from Big Blue Maritime at £5,200 excl VAT for a four person set up, and £2,300 excl VAT for a two person system.

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