The impact of marine litter

The impact of marine litter

Following last week’s news that a sperm whale which died after stranding on the Isle of Harris had 100kg of marine debris its stomach, an image shared on BBC News further highlights the impact of marine litter.

The photograph of a seal pup with a glass Starbucks bottle in its mouth was taken recently at Donna Nook reserve in Lincolnshire by photographer Dan Thurling.

BBC News reports the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) says it shows “the impact human activity has on grey seals and other marine wildlife”.

Starbucks has subsequently offered to work with the trust in an effort to protect the area and the trust said it was grateful to Starbucks for its support.

However, the LWT also says: “Marine litter is a national issue and the wildlife trusts are therefore calling on government to better protect and restore our marine environment, including tackling the major sources.”

According to BBC News, a spokesperson from Starbucks says: “We are deeply saddened by this image. At Starbucks, reducing waste by increasing recycling and encouraging reuse is something we are passionate about.”

Visitors to the Donna Nook reserve, where more than 1,500 seal pups were born this year, are being urged to be vigilant as discarded fishing ropes and frisbee-like toys are getting caught around the necks of seals.

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