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Many leisure craft sail without the skipper preparing a passage plan, despite it being a mandatory requirement under SOLAS V. While the MCA guidance is that the degree of voyage planning will depend on the size of the vessel, its crew and the length of the voyage, some sort of planning is vital so that the ship and crew are prepared for the passage and can make it in a safe, seamanlike and enjoyable manner.

This companion is a compact, handy summary of the key things you need to consider when planning a passage by sea and when managing your ship on that passage: it can be used as an aide memoire when preparing your plan and is the perfect quick reference guide to keep onboard.

The book covers the timetable for developing a passage plan and goes through all the elements you should consider: port information, routeing, weather, tides, timings and safety. It then takes you through ship management on the passage: the crew briefing, roles, routines, pre-sail checks, watch keeping and much more.

This second edition has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use. It contains checklists, tables and illustrations to make it simple to follow and quick to use.

Splash-proof and spiral bound – allowing you to lay it out flat on the chart table – this little book stands up to frequent use and will be a valued companion as you plan and execute your passage.

Published by Fernhurst Books as part of their Practical Companion series, Passage Planning Companion will be available to buy from all good bookshops, websites and direct from www.fernhurstbooks.com.

About the author

Alastair Buchan began sailing on the Clyde in the 1950s. He has sailed single-handed round Britain and crossed the Atlantic twice in a Hurley 20. In a Dockrell 27 he made a single-handed Atlantic circuit, from Britain to the USA via Venezuela and Cuba – and back home. He is also author of Fernhurst Books’ Short-Handed Sailing.

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