Veethree appoints UK distributor

Veethree Group, specialist supplier of gauges, displays and switching systems, has appointed International Marine Products (IMP) as its UK marine distributor for VeeConnect digital switching systems.

The VeeConnect system supports 12 switching channels, each capable of handling loads of up to 20 amps, two of which can be paired for reversing motor applications and all are PWM capable for level adjustments (light/sound etc.). VeeConnect is set up without the need for special programming tools, software or training required. A choice of 5in or 7in slimline touchscreen displays allow the installer to select switch types, icons, ID text, colours, styles, load handling and alarm reset options they require. 

Martin Harding of GMA, which is responsible for VeeConnect sales in Europe, says: “As awareness for the VeeConnect system in Europe continues to develop, we are pleased to have reached a distribution agreement with IMP in the UK who are well known for distributing many other high-quality electrical and electronic products and we are looking forward to working with their very capable team”.

Darren Bown, MD at IMP says: “We were very impressed with the simplicity of this digital switching system, mostly because unlike other products on the market there is no need for offsite pre installation training, configuration on a laptop or the need to have an approved engineer visit and oversee the installation, all of which adds to the overall cost and limits flexibility.” 

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