Versatile PRO-SET® Epoxy for High-Performance Composites


Designed for high-performance, lightweight composite structures, PRO-SET products are renowned for withstanding the harshest environments. A range of specialist epoxy systems including infusion epoxies, wet lay-up systems, adhesives and fairing compounds, PRO-SET epoxy is being used worldwide to enhance the strength and durability of practically any composite component.


The standard line of PRO-SET epoxies are designed to accommodate a wide variety of processes. To achieve industry-leading performance, PRO-SET epoxies are based on the latest formulation technology and best available raw materials.

PRO-SET resin-hardener combinations have been formulated specifically for laminating, infusion, tooling and assembly of wet lay-up procedures involving woven and multi-axial glass, aramid, carbon-fibre and hybrid fabrics.

The PRO-SET epoxy range includes:

  • Laminating Epoxies
  • Infusion Epoxies
  • Assembly Epoxies
  • High-Temp Epoxies
  • Absolute Clear Epoxies
  • Tooling Epoxies
  • Process Equipment including metering pumps, manual and pneumatic dispensing guns, mixing wands, impregnators and quality control dyes.

Performance data

Offering excellent moisture resistance, toughness and superior resistance to heat and fatigue, PRO-SET epoxies develop outstanding physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured for further enhanced performance.

As part of the commitment to continuous improvement, the range has recently been reformulated and expanded to better meet the demands of modern composite manufacturing. Improvements include refined handling characteristics, excellent cure profiles and rapid order fulfilment at competitive prices.

If standard formulations do not suit project requirements, we can formulate custom epoxy systems tailored to specific processes and performance needs.

Used by

The PRO-SET product range attracts a variety of clients from across the world: from large, professional boat builders to wind turbine producers and automotive manufacturers. Discover how Sunseeker International uses PRO-SET Adhesive and vacuum bagging to achieve a perfect finish on all its teak decking:

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