VIDEO: E1 Racebird foiler takes flight

E1’s innovative electric foiling raceboat took flight for the first time on the River Po, close to San Nazzaro. The E1 Racebird prototype, which was unveiled last year, has successfully completed its initial series of tests and performance runs with ex-powerboat champion Luca Ferrari behind the wheel.

The UIM E1 World Electric Powerboat Series electric RaceBird powerboat ‘RB 01’ (Photo by Lloyd Images)

The Racebird engineers conducted a number of technical tests and systems checks to assess the overall performance and reliability of the boat and the various electrical components.

The Racebirds will compete in next year’s E1 Series powerboat championship, the world’s first electric boat race series. As reported in MIN earlier this year, the boats are currently under development and will use Kreisel electric batteries.

Image courtesy of Lloyd Images

The testing schedule, which will continue for several weeks, will consist of straight line tests, qualifying runs, and race simulations, with the focus on set-up and performance analysis and gathering data on the foiling and handling characteristics in different racing conditions.

E1 organisers also used the opportunity to evaluate different elements of the racing format, including trialling autonomous buoys and cornering profiles, as well as testing the positioning of onboard cameras to be used in the world feed broadcast.

The first ever E1 Series season will take place in 2023.

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