VIDEO: Fawley chimney goes down smoking

The 198m (650ft) Fawley chimney has been blown up as part of clearing the Fawley Power Station site.

The oil-fired facility was decommissioned in 2013 after operating for more than 40 years. A controlled blast took place shortly after 07:00 on Sunday morning (30Oct21) with thousands lining the Solent’s shores hoping for a glimpse through the driving rain.

Developer Fawley Waterside had discouraged sightseers from gathering to watch the explosion, however it said bad weather conditions meant it was unable to go ahead with a planned live online video stream showing the demolition using a drone, according to the BBC.

The power station, on the western side of Southampton Water, was commissioned in 1971. It was capable of powering one million homes at its peak, but it fell foul of new emissions rules and closed in 2013.

The rest of the site – including the power station’s circular control room – is due to be cleared by 2022.

The loss of the ‘cigarette’ chimney has caused dismay to many locals.

“Sad to see it go; part of the Solent skyline for many years. Used to live at Warsash and it’s like losing a long-standing friend – daft I know but but locals will miss it,” says one commentator on social media.

“So many people with water craft including emergency services etc used that chimney as a point of reference over many years and now, nothing to guide you to safe harbour,” adds another.

Video courtesy of Our Hampshire. Watch from 3.08

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