VIDEO: New concept Moth is ‘a game changer’

The first footage of the new concept Moth from Maguire Boats has been released, and from the looks of things it’s very quick.

In late 2019, Simon Maguire, managing director of Maguire Boats, asked Kevin Ellway, the designer of the successful Exocet Moth, to design the next generation Moth using the phrase “no holds barred”.

The result is a radical conceptual design code named Aerocet. Ellway explains: “The shape has been optimised using CFD for least flying aerodynamic drag – this is predicted to lead to some large speed gains, especially upwind.”

The boat has been designed as a complete package, from foils to sail. The prototype is currently undergoing rigorous testing and analysis, but so far it appears to be “a game changer”, as the test pilot put it.

Watch it in action:

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