VIDEO: Stolen yacht destroys multiple boats during joyride

A man has been arrested after an alleged stolen yacht hit multiple vessels docked near the Lido Island Bridge on Newport Bay in Orange County, California.

In the video below, a montage of footage filmed by passersby shows the out-of-control yacht wreaking havoc as onlookers scream warnings at those still aboard their docked boats.

At one point, the yacht attempts to reverse, before revving and approaching the docks at speed. It smashes into two parked boats, snapping the mast of one sailing boat altogether, and causing significant damage to both vessels. The boat then begins performing ‘doughnuts’ in the water as the erratic driver removes his shirt.

The boat eventually smashes into a wall and comes to a halt.

Interviewed by Fox 11 Los Angeles after the incident, eyewitness and ‘celebrity real estate broker’ Daniel Eckardt said that it was “the craziest thing I have ever seen in my life. The whole building was shaking. We thought he was going to come all the way through the building.”

Joel Praneet Siam, 38, of San Diego, was reportedly arrested by Orange County sheriff deputies and is being held on a US$3m bail on charges of suspicion of grand theft of a boat/vessel and being in possession of a stolen vessel.

Authorities were initially called to the scene at around 10am, following reports that a boat had been stolen from a yacht broker.

“The boat was apparently being serviced at the local yacht broker,” Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Ryan Anderson tells the LA Times. “It was being motored and collided with at least two other vessels in slips near the Lido Island Bridge, where the boat stopped.”

It reportedly took around 10 minutes for police to find and board the yacht, after it hit a seawall and became stuck. Siam was then arrested.

It is not currently known if drugs or alcohol played any part in the joyride, or what the total extent of the damage is.

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