Watch as massive concrete breakwaters transported through small Irish towns

Some of the largest concrete breakwaters to have ever been transported by road left Cork at the end of last year destined for a large international wave attenuation project in Geelong, Australia.

Navigating tight turns and narrow streets, the breakwaters travelled by night to disrupt traffic as little as possible on its way to the Port of Cork. The convoy passed through small towns, where street signage and other structures had to be taken down to accommodate the wide load. Even on the motorways, toll booths had to be disassembled to allow passage before it could reach the port where the breakwaters were transferred to cargo ships for the next leg of their journey.

The breakwaters are made by Inland and Coastal Marina Systems which manufactures and exports 6m wide breakwaters from its factory in Ireland.

“We’re making increasingly larger breakwaters to meet the growing demand to attenuate waves in more exposed sites,” says Maeve Parker, Inland and Coastal Senior Marina Engineer. “We make them in Ireland so that we can tightly control the manufacturing process, ensuring their high-quality. The shipping is always a fun challenge though, but the results are well worth it.”

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