WATCH: Howth RNLI rescue fishing trawler and crew

Howth RNLI has rescued six people onboard a fishing trawler after it ran aground on rocks in Balscadden Bay.

On arrival, the trawler was hard around and listing to one side. The volunteer lifeboat crew assessed the fishing trawler and deemed it safe to put a tow line aboard.

The tide was rising and the lifeboat eased the trawler off the rocks and into deeper water; it was brought back to the safety of Howth Harbour.

The footage appeared on facebook courtesy of Shane’s Howth Adventures. It was a “tricky operation in shallow water executed with skill and restraint,” the tour guide commented. “The lifeboat ‘held’ the trawler from rising higher on the rocks until the perfect moment , when power was applied and she was gently manoeuvred into safe water.”

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