World’s first foiling water taxi launches

Swedish company, Candela, has launched the Candela P-12, the world’s first foiling water taxi which it says will combine a great passenger experience with low operating costs.

Carrying up to 12 passengers, the P-12’s electric pod motor propels it above the waves on foils, with minimal wake or sound pollution.

Travelling at speeds of up to 30 knots and with an endurance of two hours at 20 knots, Candela says its electric hydrofoiling P-12 is also the first electric taxi boat with long range and high-speed capabilities, with DC fast charging replenishing the battery in less than one hour.

Candela’s proprietary flight controller and computer-stabilised hydrofoil system is said to enable the P-12 to offer a more stable and smoother ride than any other vessel of its size. The climate shell is designed for panoramic views and to facilitate passenger comfort in conditions ranging from sub-zero temperatures to tropical heat.

But, the company says, one of the biggest benefits of its hydrofoil technology and proprietary electric drive train is the low operating costs, with the P-12 consuming 80% less energy than conventional combustion engine water taxis, making it considerably cheaper to operate than comparable combustion engine vessels.

Sharing many components with the bigger Candela P-30 ferry currently being developed in Stockholm, the P-12 is available for pre-order with delivery beginning in late 2022.

Candela P-12 key stats:

  • Length – 8.5m
  • Beam – 2.5m
  • Capacity – 12 passengers
  • Motor – Electric pod motor
  • Cruising speed – 22 knots
  • Top speed – 30 knots
  • Range – 45 nautical miles at 22 knots

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