Yamaha offers free accessories on 2023 WaveRunners

yamaha accessories 2023 waverunners

Yamaha Marine UK customers will receive accessories worth up to £1,250 when they buy any new 2023 WaveRunner model from an authorised Yamaha dealer.

By placing an order by 1 April 2024, customers can customise their personal watercraft with a range of accessories on Yamaha Marine UK’s remaining stock of 2023 WaveRunners, spanning the JetBlaster, VX, VX Cruiser HO and GP1800R SVHO models.

This range of Yamaha WaveRunner accessories includes the range of WaveRunner covers designed to fit individual models and protect them from the elements, as well as Yamaha’s engineered universal fender set, storage accessories and quick-release Bluetooth footwell speakers.

“This offer is a fantastic opportunity for thrill seekers looking to kick off 2024 in style,” says Jonny Twelvetrees, marine sales manager at Yamaha.

“Our WaveRunners are an excellent choice for those searching for performance and power on the water, with minimal maintenance needs and exceptional fuel economy.”


Yamaha’s flagship WaveRunner model, the GP1800R SVHO has a range of Yamaha’s signature features, including a lightweight NanoXcel2 hull and deck and RiDE control system.

The GP1800R SVHO features a race-designed, top-loader intake grate, ride plate with improved handling, cornering and rough water hook-up, as well as a lower centre of gravity, ergonomic seating and handlebar designs.


Yamaha jetblaster

Yamaha’s JetBlaster, which has a black and green palette and graffiti-style graphics, offers a great power-to-weight ratio and quality engine for an exhilarating ride.

The JetBlaster has foot chocks to make it easier to perform flicks and stunts; a handlebar that’s purpose-built for tricks, and an enhanced electric trim providing thrill-seekers with easy control.

With a high-quality hull and deck from NanoXcel2, Yamaha’s JetBlaster is both strong and lightweight. The model can be fused with a TR-1 High Output engine.

VX Cruiser HO

The VX Cruiser HO offers the most powerful engine of the VX range. Boasting four cylinders and 1.8L of output, Yamaha says its 2023 VX Cruiser HO delivers a blend of precision handling, riding comfort and style. The model is equipped with a lightweight NanoXcel2 deck.


As well as a High Output version of Yamaha’s TR-1 engine, the 2023 VX model also has a narrow seat and deep, wide footwells, alongside Yamaha’s RiDE control technology.

The WaveRunner VX also has updated deck styling, featuring a range of colours and graphics.

“With a reputation for industry-leading reliability and durability, our WaveRunners offer a solid return on investment in terms of riding experience,” says Twelvetrees. And with our accessories offer adding even greater value, there’s never been a better time to invest in a WaveRunner.”

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