Yamaha develops electric propulsion unit

Yamaha’s latest electric boat propulsion system is being showcased at the Genoa Boat Show 2021.

Harmo is a new integrated electric propulsion unit and steering control system; the end-to-end smart technology package consists of an electrically powered propulsion unit, a remote box and joystick.

The system is available in European markets and through U.S. boatbuilders; increased US availability is expected within 18 months, according to Yamaha.

Yamaha’s motor features rim drive technology for more efficient electric propulsion, when compared with a hub propellor of the same size. It is mounted around the outer-edge of the propeller, which the company claims allows greater thrust at slower speeds when compared with traditional equivalents.

The steering offers smooth manoeuvres and sharp, responsive on-the-spot turns thanks to a wide steering angle, says the company. The joystick control, based on the HelmMaster EX system traditionally only found on the Yamaha Premium and high power outboard range, offers intuitive control.

Harmo has been currently tested on vessels up to 21ft. Built by the Italian boat builder Venmar, Respiro is the first vessel to be available with Harmo.

Harmo is fitted in a very similar way to traditional outboards via a transom bracket, and the unit has a tilt function to lift it clear of the water when not in use or if a vessel requires beaching.

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