Yanmar developing experimental hydrogen marine engine

Yanmar Power Technology Hydrogen Fueled 4 Stroke Engine

Japanese engine manufacturer Yanmar Power Technology is developing a hydrogen-powered four-stroke high-speed marine engine for coastal vessels in Japan.

The project is part of the Nippon Foundation’s zero-emission ship demonstration experiment. The experimental engine utilises hydrogen as a fuel, emitting no CO2 during combustion.

In parallel with the Yanmar hydrogen marine engine development, Yanmar Power Technology (YPT) will also work on creating a hydrogen engine-compatible hybrid electric propulsion vessel, combining hydrogen engine generators with batteries. This vessel design incorporates a container unit-type hydrogen power generation system on its upper deck. Uyeno TransTech Co, a shipping company in the Uyeno Group, will develop and construct the vessel.

To support the transition towards zero emissions in maritime operations, YPT aims to develop a pilot ignition engine that utilises a small amount of pilot biofuel and hydrogen co-combustion and a spark ignition hydrogen-only engine.

The company plans to commence onshore verification tests in 2024 using a six-cylinder hydrogen engine with pilot ignition, to conduct verification operations by 2026. Concurrently, YPT will conduct onshore verification tests using the spark ignition hydrogen-only engine. By approximately 2030, it aims to achieve zero emissions for coastal vessels by promoting the adoption of hydrogen energy-based propulsion systems.

The ‘Zero-Emission Ship Project’, led by the Nippon Foundation, prioritises the development of hydrogen-fueled ships to achieve carbon neutrality in the coastal shipping sector by 2050. Through this initiative, YPT aims to pioneer the development of hydrogen-powered vessels and conduct demonstration experiments.

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