Zeelander reveals first images of its new flagship

Zeelander 8

Dutch boatbuilder Zeelander has released the first renderings of Zeelander 8, its fourth model and new flagship, which is under construction at Zeelander’s newly expanded build hall in Groot-Ammers.

The brand new Zeelander 8 is a development of the smaller Zeelander models, with similar proportions and lines on a larger scale. The 23.9-metre model has been penned by celebrated designer Cor D. Rover. It has an S-shaped sheerline, raked stern and wrap-around windscreen. The yard says the curvy, contemporary design means people will ‘struggle to find a plain, straight line’ anywhere on the exterior of the yacht.

Zeelander 8

“We are both excited and proud to be able to reveal the timeless exterior form of our Zeelander 8 flagship,” says Zeelander founder and owner, Sietse Koopmans. “Like all our yachts, she will stir excitement at the helm with her anticipated top speed of 38-40 knots.

“She will also be extremely quiet to operate, with peerless handling regardless of the propulsion options selected. When we are finally able to share details of the interior, it should become clear that this yacht represents the absolute peak of understated performance and comfort for the world’s most demanding owners.”

Zeelander 8

Zeelander has not revealed what is has done with the extra volume afforded by the long hull 6.4m beam on the Zeelander 8, except to say that the yacht will offer three double cabins for guests and space for up to three crew. It is also clear that the yacht will feature an innovative drive-in tender garage, which builds on the system developed for the Zeelander 6 and 7.

The Dutch yacht builder says it has poured its experience of noise and vibration attenuation into the new design, which enables the yacht to operate at full speed without noise levels on board breaking the 72dBa barrier.

Zeelander 8

Construction is already advanced at Zeelander’s build hall in Groot-Ammers, which was renewed and extended in 2023, to accommodate client demand for larger yachts.

Zeelander Yachts’ range now includes four models: Zeelander 5, Zeelander 6, Zeelander 7 and Zeelander 8. The first Zeelander 8 will be delivered in summer 2024.

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