900,000 UK boaters to be blighted by post-Brexit restrictions

A new survey by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) has revealed the number of UK boaters who are set to have their freedom to travel in the Schengen Area restricted after the Brexit transition period.

The organisation estimates almost 900,000 UK boaters are due to be hit by restrictions.

With the end of the free movement of people, UK citizens, including boaters, will be restricted to spending no more than 90 days in a rolling 180-day period in the Schengen Area (the Schengen rule) before they have to obtain a visa for each Schengen country they plan to visit.

The RYA’s survey shows that of the estimated 1.2 million UK boaters who currently boat in the Schengen Area, 74% spend more than 90 days in 180 in the area either boating or on other leisure or travel activities.

This equates to almost 900,000 UK boaters whose plans will be disrupted by the change in travel rules on 31 December. Responding to specific questions in the survey, 53% of UK boaters boating abroad said they will be ‘greatly affected’ by the limitations of the Schengen rule.

Currently, the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has confirmed that the EU has already legislated such that UK nationals will not need a visa when travelling to the Schengen Area for short stays of up to 90 days in a rolling 180-day period. Furthermore, it has accepted that this is the standard length of stay that the EU offers to nationals of eligible third countries that offer visa-free travel for EU citizens, in line with existing EU legislation. At the end of the transition period, on 31 December 2020, it will apply to all UK nationals travelling to and within the Schengen Area. The RYA says correspondence from the FCDO confirms that UK nationals may be able to stay in EU member states for longer than the EU’s 90/180 visa-free allocation, but they will need to discuss the specifics of their situation with the relevant member state authorities providing any extra documentation that may be required.

In contrast, the UK Government will treat EU citizens travelling to the UK in the future as non-visa nationals for the purposes of tourism and holidays after the end of the transition period, meaning they can come to the UK as visitors for six months without the need to obtain a visa.

For that reason, the RYA is calling for the government to negotiate a reciprocal arrangement in the ongoing negotiations so that the amount of visa-free travel in the Schengen Area available to UK citizens is six months, including the recreational boating community.

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3 responses to “900,000 UK boaters to be blighted by post-Brexit restrictions”

  1. Janet Blunt says:

    Not really a survey, just an estimation of the number of boaters in the UK.
    All of whom will be subject to the existing rules that already apply no nations outside the Schengen framework.
    Surely, this consequence was clear to at least 52% of the nation before June 2016? Surely?

  2. Arthur Jones says:

    We delight in being able to move freely within the European Community and experience the benefits of the cultural exchange between all its members. Any reduction in this freedom will be a retrograde step.

  3. Geof Lane says:

    This outcome was inevitable from the beginning. The RYA has fundamentally failed the British boater.