Bizarre accessory turns Tesla Cybertruck into amphibious boat

A Seattle-based engineer has designed a set of add-ons that would convert Tesla’s Cybertruck, an electric pickup, into a catamaran.

The ‘Cybercat’ catamaran project was launched by entrepreneur Anthony Diamond of TSWLM Electric Vehicles Inc, and comprises an accessory kit that allows an owner to outrig the Cybertruck with inflatable pontoons and electric outboard motors.

A website created for the concept explains that: “As an early Cybertruck reservation holder and a Model 3 owner, Anthony was excited about tweets from Elon that indicated the Cybertruck should be able to serve as a boat for short periods. However, this capability would ultimately be limited by the speed at which wheel rotation could propel the vehicle and it would never go fast enough to be compelling.”

The Tesla Cybertruck concept was launched by Elon Musk in 2019, although it might be a while until owners can start converting their trucks into boats. The Cybertruck hasn’t yet been seen on the roads after being beset by production delays and supply chain issues, and will not be ready until at least 2023, according to recent reports.

That’s not stopping Tesla fans from getting excited about the possibilities of the Cybertruck. On the Cybercat website, Diamond explains that the easy-to-assemble kit would attach to convert the Cybertruck into an electric boat.

The accessory kit includes inflatable pontoons and electric outboard motors

“The adaptive ride height of the Cybertruck and the folding inflatable pontoons of the Cybercat provide 12” of ground clearance. Once in the water, the electric outboard motors, pontoons, and hydrofoils fold down, and the wheels retract out of the water for quick takeoff. In shallow water or around docks, Cybercat can precisely manoeuvre propelled by the wheel rotation of the Cybertruck.”

The patent-pending concept comes with between one and five 50kW outboard motors, which will be powered by the Cybertruck’s battery pack. Readers can take a look at the concept in action in the video below:

While Diamond has not completed a prototype, the Cybercat is billed as having a top speed of over 25mph and a range of 50-115 miles, depending on cruise speed.

The company is aiming for a price of US$22,900-US$32,900, depending on the number of outboard motors included. The advanced Cybercat Foiler hydrofoil option, which would boost the top speed to 40 mph, would add an additional US$10,000 to the price.

Cybercats forming a ‘cyber island’

Cybercat says that, because the truck’s autopilot function could be used on the water, the concept could also be applied to autonomous and high-speed ferry services.

“Autonomous Cybercat Foilers open up exciting applications for water taxi services capable of providing low-cost, on-demand, high-speed crossing of major ferry routes with infrastructure and vehicle maintenance costs significantly below that of traditional ferries,” the company says.

A Cybercat docked at a marina with camper tent

It’s not the first time a company has designed an add-on for the Cybertruck. In 2021, CyberLandr revealed a prototype campervan that fits a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and office onto the truck’s bed.

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