Actisense strengthens its reputation for excellence with new Polish partnership

Actisense, the multi-award winning marine electronics brand, has formed a new product partnership with Polish company Navinord.

The multi-award-winning NMEA specialists at Actisense in Poole have formed a new product partnership with Navinord, a specialist marine electronics integration company based in Poland. Utilising Navinord’s technical feedback, the new partnership will help to ensure that Actisense products remain unrivalled internationally for their quality, features and reliability.

Serving both the leisure and commercial marine industries, Actisense is a global and market-leading manufacturer of marine electronics equipment. As part of the new product partnership, Navinord will be working closely with Actisense’s Engineering Department to test new and existing products. Navinord experts have already provided high quality and detailed feedback, which has allowed Actisense to improve and adapt its products to meet specific user demands. Building on their existing relationships with Polish marine electronics companies, Actisense was responsible for training Poland’s first NMEA 2000 Installers earlier in the year. This included Piotr Cywinski of Navinord.

Piotr Cywinski, above left, says: “We have had an excellent opportunity to test some of the robust, adaptable and reliable solutions that have been developed by Actisense. We look forward to seeing more Actisense product developments and helping them to enhance their current offering.’’

Grant Bradley, Head of Engineering at Actisense, says: “We’re pleased to be working with Navinord and to have formed the new product partnership. We relish feedback from other marine electronics experts from around the world and our work with Piotr will help us to provide further innovation to maintain the award-winning status of our products.’’

Taking their brand across the world’s oceans, Actisense has an extensive international network of distributors in areas such as China, India and South America. The company now works with over 70 distributors in 44 countries, stretching from Norway to New Zealand, Canada to Korea and all of mainland Europe.

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