America’s Cup: foil issues could delay launch…

By | December 3, 2018

So the fancy looking foils aren’t up to the job, then…

Preparation for the next America’s Cup could be set back by up to three months due to technical difficulties, while a proposed second preliminary regatta in 2019 could be scrapped altogether.

Yachting commentator Peter Montgomery told Radio Sport the date syndicates will be allowed to launch the first boats on the water ahead of the 2021 event in Auckland will likely have to be pushed back by three months, after tests revealed that the foils featured on the radical monohull design couldn’t cope under load.

“They’ve been doing load tests and they have been breaking and so there comes the issue,” Montgomery said.

“Part of the agreement between the defender (Team New Zealand) and the challenger of record was to have certain components – and one of the components is the foils. They’ve been doing tests on them and several have been breaking meaning they just cannot cope with the loads.

“The protocol was that you were not able to sail the new boats until the first of April next year … it will be delayed until June.”

The America’s Cup protocol currently states that the first boat is not permitted to be launched prior to March 31 2019, ahead of a series of preliminary regattas to be raced internationally.

Organisers were hoping to have two World Series events next year for challenger teams and the defender to line up against each other, with the first opportunity confirmed for next October in Sardinia.

However, Montgomery said the delayed protocol would rule out the opportunity of a second event, ultimately putting a strain on preparations for the 36th America’s Cup.

“It will be a more compressed time because the dates for the America’s Cup, March 2021, and for the Prada Cup … will not be shifted,” he said.

Published on November 30th, 2018. Source: New Zealand Herald