Boat sharing platform launches electric model

Skipperi and Q Yachts have launched a new electric boat as part of the Skipperi fleet sharing service and plans to bring hundreds of electric boats to Finland and abroad in the next few years.

The new electric boats will join the Skipperi fleets in Espoo, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden, this summer. The new model allows boaters to travel quietly, without significant wave formation and can take up to six passengers.

“The electrification of boating is still far from a similar development for cars,” tells Kristian Raij, CEO and co-founder of Skipperi. “Electric boats currently account for only a fraction of all boats. Boats designed for internal combustion engines are not suitable as electric boats as such, but the electric boat must be redesigned from the start. That’s what we’ve done now with our new boats, coming to Skipperi’s fleet service in the summer of 2022.”

Skipperi is a Finland-based boating startup, which aims to find sustainable ways to make boating accessible and affordable for everyone. Skipper’s Fleet is a monthly boat-sharing service that operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.

Electric boat developer, Q Yachts, was founded in 2016 and its production is located in Finland and Poland.

The industrial design of the boat was created from scratch by the award-winning design agency Navia Design. Skipperi says the shape and hull speed of the boat were designed to be as economical as possible.

The boat features an almost maintenance-free outboard engine and the model uses Skipperi technology for the connection between the engine, the boat’s computer, and the Skipperi application.

“We want to be at the forefront of electric boating by bringing electric boats into the fleet. We are also happy that the first boats will come to Espoo, the birthplace of Skipperi. The boat itself is easy to approach and has excellent usability,” adds Kristian Raij.

The Club boat model is 7.2 metres long. At a cruising speed of six knots, the calculated operating distance is 78 nautical miles. A large 27kWh battery stabilises the boat and makes it safe without significant difficulty in manoeuvrability and handling and it can reach top speeds of 8 knots.

“Designed for rental, the Club collection creates a great potential for Q Yachts in an internationally growing market. The advanced technology and investment in design strengthens our competitive advantage and gives us an excellent opportunity to become the world’s leading electric boat brand,” says Johan Uunila, CEO of Q Yachts.

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