BoatClass training expands to more than 30 locations with Freedom Boat Club

Two men on speedboat at helm, one man standing and pointing

BoatClass, a leading provider of certified on-water boater training and a business within Brunswick Corporation, is expanding to more than 30 locations for the 2024 boating season, in partnership with Freedom Boat Club

“Safety is a top priority for Brunswick and across all of our industry-leading brands,” says Rob Schuldt, who leads the BoatClass programme. “Through BoatClass, we are excited to expand our fully immersive on-water training programme to even more markets in 2024, providing more access for first-time boaters and those who seek greater confidence behind the helm. Our goal is to expand participation and strengthen the boating community.” 

BoatClass offers a combination of online virtual training and on-water training designed to teach boating safety to all boaters. Since its initial launch in 2021, BoatClass has grown from a handful of locations to more than 30 Freedom Boat Club locations across North America.

BoatClass offers participants a three-hour on-water basic boater training course led by a Certified US coast guard (or equivalent certification) captain. BoatClass utilises the same training methods that have been successful for decades throughout the Freedom Boat Club network. The programme helps participants master techniques such as, shifting and throttle control; turning, stopping, backing drills; 360- to 720-degree pivot turns; docking drills; crossing wakes; speed zone adjustments; anchoring theory and techniques; utilising boat trim; ferrying; and returning to the slip. 

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