boot Düsseldorf: announcement due first week of December

In a conference tempered by caution – and support for lockdown measures taking place in Germany and further afield – the organising team of boot Düsseldorf has stated that time is the key factor to whether the show will go ahead in January, with an announcement due early December.

Stating strong intentions and a list of booked exhibitors across many of the halls, Petros Michelidakis, boot project director, majored on safety and hygiene being the conduits for a successful show.

“Everything is set, we are still on course,” he says.

“Even with mouth and nose protection, we [visitors] will feel the same passion for watersports.

“Safety has always been a top priority at Düsseldorf and we are implementing a new strategy. We will engage additional 600 people to fight against anything that could risk safety and health – Protective Guides – who are determined to ensure hygiene and protection measures are observed.

“Safety is our most important goal.”

Michelidakis noted that this has been the most challenging period for watersports in the past decade, but welcomed the lockdown situation which allows time for a decrease in infection levels.

“Lockdown is forcing us to keep our course, but to evaluate week by week. The time allows us to re-evaluate, and allows time for a decrease in the level of infection to the level where we are able to hold the fair.”

That evaluation will be ongoing over the next few weeks.

But Michelidakis is confident.

“Manufacturers finally want to present their boats, products, equipment and watersport equipment to a broad audience with a high expertise,” he says.

“boot Düsseldorf will give starting signal for successful season in 2021.”

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