Calshot RNLI dismisses one crew member and suspends two others


The RNLI has confirmed it has stood down a volunteer crew member from Calshot lifeboat station and suspended a further two while an internal investigation takes place.

A spokesperson for the RNLI confirms that on 15 March an RNLI volunteer crewmember was dismissed from the station “after an irrecoverable breakdown in the volunteering relationship”.

A further two crew members were also suspended while an internal investigation takes place.

The spokesperson continues: “When necessary, the RNLI will take action of this nature to ensure the continuing successful operation of our lifeboat stations and safety of our volunteers, but is never a decision that we take lightly.

Calshot RNLI, which operates an Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat and a D-class inshore lifeboat, remains fully operational. However, for the time being, the station will only declare one of its two lifeboats as an asset at any one time, depending on which is most appropriate for the task required.”

The RNLI Calshot lifeboat station is situated on Calshot Spit in Hampshire, UK. Its crew is voluntary and saves lives at sea within the busy Solent, Southampton Water and offshore areas.

Though “highly unusual” for both Calshot’s lifeboats to be required at the same time, should further lifeboats be needed the Solent area will be covered by its flanking stations at Cowes RNLI (Atlantic 85 lifeboat), Portsmouth RNLI (Atlantic 85 and D-class lifeboats) and Lymington RNLI (Atlantic 85 lifeboat) as well as independent lifeboat stations operating there.

It is anticipated that Calshot RNLI will return to operating two lifeboats in the next few weeks as new helms qualify through the RNLI’s rigorous training programme.

The RNLI has not commented further on the incident or issues that arose with the crew.

2 responses to “Calshot RNLI dismisses one crew member and suspends two others”

  1. SB says:

    Interesting change in attitude. When our station had a problem crew member, head office refused to get involved, said we had to sort it out locally. Most of the good crew left.

    Station eventually got shut down with one of the reasons recorded being high crew turnover and the associated costs, with the individual we couldn’t get rid of being cited as the cause!

  2. Michele Martin says:

    I thought it Solent Lifeboat but so sad to see your Station go through this.

    Hope you can come through it stronger.

    Bless you all.