Cannes show organisers reveal changes for 2024

Cannes from above

The 47th edition of the Cannes Yachting Festival – the inaugural event of the sailing season and Europe’s largest in-water boat show – is back from 10 to 15 September 2024. With works on the Vieux Port underway, organisers have revealed several major changes for this year’s edition.

A new feature this year is a new marina dedicated to power boats in Port Canto. In terms of the number of boats on display, this marina will almost equal the Vieux Port. Almost 350 boats will be exhibited on each side of the Croisette.

For the first time, visitors can go all the way around Port Canto in a loop measuring around 2.5 km. The port will offer a simplified tour with virtually a quay, or a large area, dedicated to a type of boat. Located between the Sailing and Yacht Brokerage & Toys areas that have been accommodated in Port Canto for several years, the new area dedicated to power boats will cover around 2,000 sqm and provide more than 300 m of linear quayside to present 170 motor boats (140 in-water and thirty ashore), with rigid or semirigid hulls. A selection of outboard engines suitable for these boat sizes will also be presented next to the boats.

Port Canto will also be exhibiting 120 new sail boats over 10 metres long and around 50 previously-owned large yachts from 24 metres long, respectively, in the Sailing and Yacht Brokerage areas. Several traversantes (pontoons with a motorised central part) will enable visitors to go from one area to the other and small motor boats to go out for sea trials.

The new Power Boat Marina will accommodate a new dining area with almost 130 tables and a view looking out at the boats on display. The new VIP Club, located on the roof of the Harbour Master’s Office and furnished by Roche Bobois, a French manufacturer of high-end furniture, will give visitors a 180-degree view of all of Port Canto. In total almost 60 exhibitors will be present in the Power Boat Marina.

In the city’s heart, the Vieux Port remains the home port for the motor boat industry. In water, 350 new boats from 10 to 50 metres long – monohulls and multihulls, with rigid or semi-rigid hulls – will be exhibited by the greatest names in French and international yachting alongside equipment manufacturers and service companies.

Large inwater yachts will be moored in their usual locations at the Jetée and the Super Yachts Extension. Like Port Canto, the Vieux Port will also be subject to new arrangements. The main entrance will be moved next to the steps film stars walk up during the Cannes Film Festival, near the Croisette.

The engine manufacturers that equip the megayachts can be seen along the beach opposite the Palais. They will introduce new exhibition structures. A new entrance will be opened at the heart of the Pantiero (replacing the one at Quai Max Laubeuf). This entrance will be accessible to visitors, journalists and exhibitors.

From the Vieux Port to Port Canto, the show, which benefits from a new marina covering 2,000 sqm, will in total feature more than 160 new products and world previews. With 600 exhibitors from all over the world presenting almost 700 monohull, multihull, rigid, semi-rigid, new or previously owned sail and motor boats from 5 to 50 metres long, alongside a host of the latest-generation equipment.

“2024 represents a year of adaptation and new opportunities for the Cannes Yachting Festival,” says Sylvie Ernoult, director of the Cannes Yachting Festival.

“With the works on the Vieux Port underway, we have redesigned the organisation of certain areas to replace them with other different and innovative spaces, such as creating a new large marina in Port Canto. The exhibition teams have risen to the challenge, and I am very enthusiastic and proud of the next edition we will be offering our exhibitors and visitors.

“Once again the Cannes Yachting Festival will be a magnificent setting for all these jewels of the seas and will highlight the unique craftsmanship and experts in boat building. As is the case every year, it will be extremely easy and fast to get around, with the option of going from one port to the other thanks to free sea shuttles.“

vieux port de cannes
Vieux Port in Cannes.

In 2024, the Cannes Yachting Festival will also feature an “Innovation Route”, aimed at promoting innovations that convey a break from nautical technology and are environmentally friendly, including engines, propulsion, waste management, end-of-life, eco-design, optimisation, innovative materials, and services.

This year, all the projects and initiatives implemented to support a more sustainable industry will be highlighted with special signage.

“Like all the others, the marine industry cannot avoid environmental challenges and has understood that it has to evolve to meet the sector’s decarbonisation needs and the new requirements of boaters,” says Ernoult.

“It seemed vital to us to make our contribution to the effort by recognising the efforts our exhibitors are making and the energy they are putting into building the future of the nautical sector.

“[This includes] work on composites, recyclable resins, more respectful engines, but also design for aerodynamics or connectivity for better efficiency…we are happy to showcase them, as our goal for all is to preserve our seas and oceans, especially for future generations.”

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