ClassGlobe 5.80 Mini in build worldwide

Over 80 sailors are setting up to build the ClassGlobe 5.80 one-design ocean racing yacht in 23 countries.

Less than four months after its official launch as an affordable ‘People’s Mini’ for amateur construction, this solo ocean and offshore racing yacht is gaining traction.

The yacht’s ability to ship inside a 20ft container is creating real interest, says McIntyre Adventure.

“The excitement and passion for the 5.80 across all levels of sailing is a pleasant surprise. I thought it would take a year to see 100 sailors building, but it is happening in months,” says Don McIntyre, Globe 5.80 Class founder. “Adventurous solo sailors are excited, but there are plenty of club racers who see this as an opportunity for some fun.”

Mathilde Lozachmeur

French sailor, Mathilde Lozachmeur, has her sights firmly set on the solo 30,000-mile 2024 Mini Globe Race. Inspired by Éric Tabarly who lived near her home in Brittany, and Bernard Moitessier, for his madness and his do-it-yourself fashion, she has taken two years off work to build her Globe 5.80. She will use a CNC cut kit to build her yacht, then train towards competing in the first Solo Globe 5.80 Transat, departing from Portugal in November 2021, racing 3,600 miles toward the Caribbean.

Lozachmeur currently owns a 5.7m offshore yacht she refitted herself and will use that for training while building her Globe 5.80.

“I have this in my blood, I feel it and I have a year and a half to improve myself, because I will devote my life to this project. I’ll be 33 in November 2021. For the Globe 5.80 Transat Race, my boat was given race number 33. It is a sign,”  she says.

“Many people take these little boats for toys, but they have all big ones. You have to take this Mini seriously.”

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