Dalin leads, Destremau discovers crack, Brit skipper Hare rounds Horn (Vendée Globe update 12Jan21)

Charlie Dalin is once again leading the Vendée Globe this morning, as incredibly, there are five boats within 50 nautical miles of each other. The leading group is passing Rio de Janeiro in light breezes.

Listen to Dalin discussing his situation with race organisers this morning (05.00 12Jan21).

Sebastien Destremau has discovered a crack in the bow of Merci.

“At the bow I discovered a crack across the bow at the bowsprit from side to side,” says Destremau.

“A glance under the bow and I have the impression that the bowsprit is broken and separating from the boat. My biggest fear is for the anchoring point for the forestay of the J2 which is there.”

Angelo Lavranos, the architect, is however categorical that the bowsprit is not structural to the bow of the boat. “There is therefore,” says Destremau, “no risk of dismasting and Merci can navigate normally with her J2. That’s a good news. The less good is that Merci will probably not be able to use any of its gennakers without a serious repair to the bowsprit. . . It’s a bit of a shame and it may slow us down quite a bit under certain conditions. I hope you are not in too much of a hurry to see us finish because this new incident may make me slightly late.”

Hear from skippers around the fleet

Pip Hare has rounded Cape Horn

In an emotional video, Hare says it’s one of the proudest moments of her life. (07.39 12Jan21)

Miranda Merron is making ‘beautiful’ progress

The Campagne de France skipper has emerged from 36 hours of ‘trying navigation, hustled by a new depression’.

Her team says she’s legitimately satisfied with her progress in the last 24 hours. More than 340 miles have been swallowed, at over 14 average knots, on a direct route to Cape Horn which Merron is hoping to see midweek. (09.07 12Jan21)

Watch yesterday’s round-up from race organisers

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