David Beckham buys superyacht

David Beckham has bought himself an early Christmas present, reportedly splashing out on a new £5 million yacht.

In June, the Daily Mail reported that Beckham, 46, had met with officials from Italian shipbuilding company Ferretti, and he was filmed touring the 110ft Ferretti yacht Telli at a shipyard in La Spezia, Italy. A source at the shipyard confirmed Beckham’s visit in a statement to The Sun, although refused to reveal further details. 

Now, The Sun reports that Beckham has helped to design his new yacht, which will be 100ft long and will be moored in Miami, Florida. The new yacht is understood to be a fully custom Ferretti.

A source told The Sun: “David had a look around some yachts in the summer, and decided to treat himself. He helped design the boat himself and has been incredibly hands-on with everything. It’s not an oligarch-style super-yacht, but it’s still pretty plush by anyone’s standards.”

Beckham, who is the owner of a 27-metre Horizon E88 nicknamed The Sophisticated Lady, is said to have been inspired by regular yachting holidays with friends including Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

A Horizon E88 model similar to Beckham’s current yacht

His new yacht is reportedly having its final touches applied and will be ready for use during 2022. 

The former England football captain recently netted £150 million after signing a controversial 10-year deal to become an ambassador for Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 Fifa World Cup, according to reports.

The decision caused controversy thanks to concerns over the country’s poor human rights record and treatment of women and the LGBTQI+ community.  But Beckham, who is a Unicef ambassador, insists football can be a “force for good”. 

For their first voyage, the former footballer is said to be planning to sail around the Florida Keys with his wife Victoria and four children in the new year.

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12 responses to “David Beckham buys superyacht”

  1. Yvonne Bourke says:

    Who cares what Beckham has got I am sick of seeing him showing off and he wonders why he didn’t get a knight hood any way he doesn’t deserve one bragging about what his got when some families can’t afford to by food and clothes for there kids he makes me SICK

  2. Barry Taylor says:

    Why are we all cutting back to save the planet and him and his kind are destroying it with their look at me greed

  3. Bobby says:

    Good enjoy, you can do it so do it…….

  4. Nicholas Vass says:

    Shame that he did not support a British boat builder

  5. Roger Mcculloch says:

    Don’t like him or his stupid wife..hes a zhow off..who gives a crap if he buys a yacht..its not that special…

  6. M, Jackson says:

    I have nothing to be angry about the Beckhams. Good luck to them and all the money they have made. Just hope they give some to good cause to.

  7. Brenda Taylor says:

    Go give a few of your millions to the very poor…now that would be something worth printing

  8. Jacqui Conroy says:

    Why shouldn’t he enjoy his wealth, he’s worked for it….more than dome people who have had it handed to them on a silver spoon…..

  9. Jacqui Conroy says:

    Why shouldn’t he enjoy his wealth, he’s worked for it….more than some people who have had it handed to them on a silver spoon…..

  10. Stephen Mccormack says:

    They’ve mugged him all his life, i love im, a very clever man

  11. Alan Johnston says:

    Him and his ridiculous wife are a complete embarrassment, he is a unicef ambassador for christ’s sake, but he agrees to be the the face of Qatar for an estimated £150 million, with there horrendous human rights record, then he deems it appropriate then to flaunt his spending on social media with a new yacht for £5 million.
    The uk is in complete turmoil, with families losing loved one’s, homelessness, people losing there jobs , homes etc.
    Then you have the Beckhams, complete utter moronic cretins, that think flaunting there huge wealth is the right thing to do in this current climate.
    I have a suggestion for you idiots, build a child’s cancer hospital with some of the blood money you have earned from the Qatar deal, now that would be worth reading about on social media !!!!

  12. Clive says:

    Get over it, the man and his wife are legends, lovely people and family.
    Should be Sir DAvid for his services to England football