Dometic’s launch of a new unified brand

By | September 4, 2017

Dometic has strengthened its position as a leading global marine equipment supplier with the launch of a unified global brand and a new drive for product innovation.

The marine HVAC specialist is building the new brand platform to harmonise its huge product range within one consistent brand which is easily recognised by its customers across the world.

Renowned as a continuous innovator for its award-winning advancements since the 1950s, Dometic has also just appointed a new Product Manager EMEA Marine, Paul Hickinbotham, to drive product innovation and channel regional consumer feedback back to the product development and sales teams.

The new focus by Dometic aims to prioritise satisfaction and clarity for its customers by creating one distinctive, common corporate brand, while using market intelligence to fine tune its products to meet local needs.

Backed by a global sales and service network, Dometic is renowned for its unrivalled selection of air conditioning products and its capabilities to custom engineer HVAC and sanitation systems. Its marine product range also includes engine room ventilation systems, cookers, refrigerators, watermakers, battery chargers and other equipment.

From this year, the specialist’s valuable sub-brands, including Cruisair, Marine Air, SeaLand and WAECO, are offered by Dometic.

Julien Le Feuvre, Head of Marine OEM – EMEA, Dometic, said: “Our new global, single brand provides a clear and consistent message that the Dometic name represents a cohesive range of reliable and innovative products, global resources and expertise.

It reinforces our core commitment to provide solutions for OEMs, sailors, boat owners and commercial maritime workers to make their lives more comfortable when at sea.

“Our key brand values remain the same: to supply smart, reliable solutions which comply to, and exceed, regulations; to offer outstanding design, focusing on innovation, new product development and future trends and styles; and to ensure our equipment is easy to use, install and understand.”

The new, unified product range is reflected in a redesigned logo and colour scheme on all Dometic products and packaging, emphasising that the company’s equipment from air-conditioning systems to toilets to refrigerators and cool boxes are all within the same product family and offering the same level of engineering and design.

The company provides a full line of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment to keep boaters comfortable, in scorching hot, or chilly weather. For decades, Dometic has continued to design and manufacture award-winning advancements to marine air conditioning.

The company’s latest innovation for chillers – using titanium instead of cupronickel condenser coils – has raised the bar for the industry, providing boaters, captains and boat builders with a vastly more corrosion-resistant material that extends the life of cooling systems. Also significant for efficiency and cost effectiveness, the Dometic VARC variable capacity chillers reduce energy costs for boat owners and the size of generator needed on-board by providing just the right amount of needed cooling or heating.

Dometic is a leader in providing ship-wide ventilation equipment that can reduce moisture, optimise engine performance and promote fire safety. From advanced mist eliminators to dampers, axial fans and controllers, Dometic provides end-to-end solutions for larger vessels.

In refrigeration, Dometic continues to lead the industry in flexible solutions to fit any galley – from drawer refrigerators for smaller boats, to larger, residential-style refrigerators for yachts. The new multiple award-winning CRX 3-in-1 fridge/freezer, which comes with a removable freezer compartment; allows the unit to act as a fridge-only system, freezer-only system or both.

Dometic has launched the new rebrand position, labelled ‘Mobile Living Made Easy’, across the company, which supplies products for customers in the caravan, truck and outdoor and marine markets.