First look: Riva’s first electric runabout

Iconic Italian boatbuilder Riva has presented a prototype of its El-Iseo, the brand’s first full electric runabout in Monaco.

Riva’s El-Iseo is the full electric version of the much-loved Iseo, the versatile 27ft runabout whose sophisticated spirit lives on in the hull, deck, style and colours of the new boat. El-Iseo is powered by a Parker GVM310 full electric engine.

“El-Iseo is a glorious new chapter in the challenge that only Riva can experience every day, that of combining its legendary history with cutting-edge technology to generate beauty and style that will never go out of fashion,” says Ferretti Group CEO, Alberto Galassi.

“The El-Iseo project is extremely important to us… now 180 years old, Riva is still leading the field with the credibility and visionary force that only a contemporary legend can draw on.”  

The Ferretti Group brand showcased its first full electric runabout at the Monaco Yacht Club.

Retaining a traditional stern drive propulsion system, Riva’s El-Iseo has an engine supplied by Parker Hannifin, a leading US motion and control technology multinational. According to the boatbuilder, with a power output of 250kW and 300kW peak, the Parker GVM310 gives the Riva prototype a cruising speed of 25 knots and a self-limited top speed of 40 knots, with an acceleration curve significantly steeper than that of a similarly sized boat powered by an internal combustion engine.

Riva says the El-Iseo is a high performer in terms of range too, delivering up to ten hours navigation in economy mode. El-Iseo has a lithium battery pack supplied by Podium Advanced Technologies (PAT), a specialist in batteries, automotive design and motorsport – this is the first time PAT has worked in the world of yachting.

Specially developed for this project, the batteries in El-Iseo have a capacity of 150kWh and are configured in two independent blocks located between the engine and the stern seating.  Integration of onboard systems, such as transmission, throttles and onboard control systems in general, including management of driving and battery charging modes, has once again been assigned to innovation leader and Ferretti Group partner Xenta.  

Onboard El-Iseo, there are the unmistakable finishes, colours and detailing typical of the boats that made the brand world famous, and the helm station’s fully digital, touchscreen dashboard has also been designed to mimic the analogue displays of past boats.

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