In Focus: HP Watermakers’ app included with Raymarine Axiom

HP Watermakers app screen

HP Watermakers communication app has been installed on the multifunction displays in the new Raymarine Axiom range. The two companies have been working together since 2019.

Raymarine introduced the Axiom 2 Pro in February 2023, which combines functions including a chartplotter, fishfinder, radar, autopilot and video in one multifunction display. It uses hybrid touch technology.

“The choice of applications, which includes HP Watermakers, has been the subject of careful analysis to select the most used and the most useful for improving the quality of life on board,” says Michelle Hildyard, VP of product management and business development. “This is why we included watermakers and the choice fell on HP Watermakers, which was also the first company to develop a communication protocol compatible with our systems.”

“When the owner finds the HP app icon, they are obviously enticed to choose one of our watermakers,” explains Gianni Zucco, CEO of HP Watermakers. “It was not like this at first, as shipyards assembled what they were used to choosing and then had to arrange for the machine to communicate with the on-board system during the set-up phase. It took some time, but now many shipyards have understood that, if the customer chooses the Raymarine Axiom system, combining one of our watermakers solves many of the installation problems.

“It also spares shipyards from having to explain to customers why there is the HP Watermakers icon on the dashboard but another model is fitted, with its dedicated software. It was a somewhat slow process but, as owners realised how many opportunities combining their Raymarine Axiom with our watermaker provided, numerous shipyards favoured us in their purchasing decisions.”

If the watermaker stops working, the system, which operates on an Android platform, sends an alarm signal that appears directly with a pop-up on the monitor of the multifunction display and the instructions page relating to the specific problem will open. The owner can then try to reset the system, consult the manual or follow the video tutorial.

“The new Axiom 2 Pro is the most powerful Axiom chartplotter ever developed by Raymarine,” says Hildyardt. “It offers a smooth and highly intuitive navigation experience. Featuring the latest LightHouse 4 operating system, this new all-in-one display integrates with a Raymarine advanced navigation network that includes LightHouse charts, radar and autopilot, as well as FLIR thermal night vision technology.

“The new 6-core processor allows for faster chart scrolling, instant response and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously.”

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