Inmarsat launches narrowband Elera network

Inmarsat has released Elera, a narrowband network aimed at offering faster speeds and smaller low-cost terminals for its air, land and sea customers and accelerating new advances in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Inmarsat says the new spectrum management capabilities (known as Carrier Aggregation) being incorporated into the Elera network will deliver the fastest speeds globally available to L-band customers.

Elera will also see the creation of the smallest footprint, low-cost terminal for L-band users, delivering the framework for satcom IoT at scale, with supporting cloud-based management, for vertical sectors such as infrastructure, rail, logistics, mining, agriculture, government, maritime and aviation.

Inmarsat maritime president Ronald Spithout says: “The investment in Elera and the confirmation of Inmarsat’s long-term commitment to global L-band services is hugely significant for the yachting and leisure marine industries, inspiring new possibilities for our customers across a range of sectors, from superyachts and explorer vessels, to bluewater and coastal cruising yachts, to professional and amateur racing yachts, to sports fishing boats.

“Creating a future for boat owners, sailors and crew in which leaving it all behind does not have to mean being disconnected, the breakthrough technologies enabled through Inmarsat Elera will deliver unparalleled L-band speeds and the smallest, low-cost user terminals, building on the renowned reliability, resilience and global availability of our L-band satellite network.”

The release of Elera comes less than two weeks since the company announced its new communications network Orchestra.

“As an integral component of our newly announced communications network, Orchestra, Inmarsat Elera will keep yachters in touch with friends and family, provide access to weather reports and navigation charts, enable email and business-critical applications, and enhance crucial safety-of-life communications at sea, wherever they are voyaging,” Spithout continues.

Inmarsat is launching two new satellites to enhance the Elera network. The I-6 satellites, the first of which is scheduled to launch at the end of 2021.

According to Inmarsat, the L-band capacity on each I-6 satellite will be substantially greater than Inmarsat’s 4th generation spacecraft and, among other enhancements, they will deliver 50 per cent more capacity per beam; meaning that much more data can be carried over the same geographical area, in addition to unlimited beam routing flexibility.

ELERA will also deliver a major extension to Inmarsat’s portfolio of voice-enabled devices, bringing new capabilities and innovations to hundreds of thousands of customers.

“Elera is the exciting vision of how Inmarsat is planning to transform the capabilities offered to IoT and mobility customers for years to come and confirms our long-term commitment to L-band services. We will be sharing further detail on these innovations with our partner community in the coming months, ” says Rajeev Suri, CEO, Inmarsat.

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