Latest salary survey from Marine Resources says there is room for improvement

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This article was edited on 27 September to correct the average gender pay gap in data from 2019 to 9.74 per cent.

Around 2,500 respondents took part in Marine Resources most recent survey about salaries.

The downloadable report says there’s been a 6% average salary increase across the industry pre/post-Covid.

The average salary in 2022 is £39,734 whereas in 2019 it was £37,490 (data from a previous survey).

But with just over 60% of respondents either feeling neutral or disagreeing with the statement ‘I believe I am paid fairly, relative to my market’, it seems like there is room for improvement with renumeration.

A significant majority of respondents (over 70%) were either neutral or actively looking to change their job in the next 12 months. This might indicate some levels of dissatisfaction within the marine trade, says the report.

That said, the data presented appear to show that a good culture is important to most of the respondents followed by pay and opportunities for progression. And, not surprisingly, Marine Resources suggests that employers who improve their offerings could retain talent as a large percentage of respondents were ambivalent about their overall employment package, as opposed to satisfied. So there are clear strategies for shoring-up employee retention.

But Marine Resources analysis also suggests that there is a growing age gap with a lack of younger individuals – as shown by the numbers completing the survey. The recruitment company suggests that the disparity could cause challenges in 10-20 years.

Division breakdown of skilled trades. All rates and salaries are based on a 40 hours per week for both permanent and contract, not including overtime. See below for data footnote.

Marine Resources’ gender pay gap data as in 2019 showed that women in the industry were paid, on average, 9.74% less than their male colleagues. In the intervening two years the fact that this gap – smaller than the national average – was presented as a positive result by some members of the marine trade continued to insult all women. Ask any woman in the marine industry how positive she feels earning 10% less than her male counterparts.

James Ward, CEO says the reason the gender pay gap data for 2022 has yet to be drawn out is: “Because it wasn’t in the criteria we’re putting a spotlight on this year. We’ve gone more focused and granular on salaries per role, rather than on wider categories which is what we did last time.

“This is in response to what a lot of people have been asking for information on. People ask what salary they should offer for a job, or what they should ask for.

“It’s not a complete like for like across the whole survey.

“Ever since Marine Resources launched over 19 years ago, we have been committed to leading the industry with valuable, credible and accurate data. We have always prided ourselves on being able to advise our clients on the most up-to-date market insights,” Ward says.

“With the Salary Survey report, we bring employers and job seekers an essential tool needed to benchmark their current salaries across key roles within the leisure marine industry, as well as some fascinating insight and trends within the current employment market. Finally, we have been able to give pre vs post-covid analysis on average salaries as well as a comparison of how we are doing compared to other industries.

“The amount of survey responses we received for the Salary Survey 2022 and the amount of interest and anticipation we see in the industry for the report is incredible. It is also highly encouraging, and we will continue to develop this research year on year.”

Footnote for pay diagram. 1. Includes: Shipwrights; 2. Includes: Joiners, Bench Joiners, Wood Machinists, Cabinet Makers; 3. Includes: Team Leader, Manager, Charge hand, Foreman; 4. Includes: GRP Finishers, GRP Repairers; 5. Includes: Composite Technician, Tech Laminators; 6. Includes: Electrical Fitter, Electrical Technician, Electrician; 7. Survey average only displayed when five or more of the same role across five different businesses were recorded; 8. Some parts of industry have inflated pay outside these figures such as professional sports teams ie America’s cup, Sail GP.

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