Limestone sea trials its first electric boat – model to roll out in 2023

Limestone-electric boat-Sea-trials

The Limestone Boat Company has successfully completed sea trials of its Vision Marine electric outboard-powered Aquasport 2100CC.

Owner and builder of Aquasport Boats, Limestone Boats and Boca Bay Boats, the Limestone Boat Company says it will now shift its model development efforts into scheduled production with a delivery target of 2023.

“Limestone’s stated EV mandate has been to establish a disruptive early mover electric footprint in the traditional boating sector. The partnership provides Limestone a technological advantage as the E-Motion powertrain offers unprecedented power and torque in an electric outboard and will establish Limestone as a leader in the rapidly growing electric segment of the recreational boating industry,” says Scott Hanson, CEO of the Limestone Boat Company.

“The sea trial results met our expectations, confirming that we can be the first to offer a fully electric-powered 21ft centre console boat that is expected to deliver an average cruising speed of 23mph, over two hours of run time, and can be recharged at dockside in four to eight hours depending on whether one opts for one or two onboard chargers. And for those looking to enjoy a sunset cruise or take in the wildlife in the quiet of EV outboard technology, six to eight hours on the water would not be out of the question at idle speeds.”

Hanson adds, “Given the validation of last week’s sea trials, we are confident in moving on to the next phase of our EV efforts and placing an initial order for 25 Vision Marine E-Motion engines, rigging components and integrated battery systems, establishing a production framework leading into the second quarter of 2023, as well as extending our EV testing to include other models as product becomes available.

“Traditional internal combustion engine boat sales remain strong and continue to grow through the strength of our expanding dealer network but the new EV option will provide a great alternative for boaters looking for the features that electric power offers. We’re excited about working with our EV engine partner in the months ahead to offer a fully integrated, leading-edge electric propulsion system for those seeking an alternative without having to curtail their boating lifestyle unduly.”

The Limestone Boat Company announced their EV partnership in May 2021 with the stated intent of using the E-Motion outboard powertrain system to offer an EV option for big water performance boats that would deliver, the operating times, cruising speeds, and cycle times that coastal and inland boaters seek. The company shipped its first two test models for EV-integration in September 2021 and once completed, put the fully electric Aquasport 2100CC on the water for sea trials in May 2022.

Equipped with the 180 horsepower E-Motion electric outboard powertrain system coupled with two high-voltage 35kWh battery packs, onboard charging system and digital screens, the Aquasport 2100CC EV model prototype reached a reported top speed of 38mph and an operation time of roughly two hours.

The Limestone Boat Company will now move forward with plans for serial production and an intended target date for deliveries commencing early in the second quarter of 2023. The company anticipates taking orders on the EV boats in Q3 of 2022.

Rather than simply retrofitting the existing Aquasport 2100CC model, the company will review the trial data to optimise performance capabilities, through battery placement refinements, variable engine placement, and lighter, stronger laminate schedules for an all-new EV-specific version of the model.

Limestone and Vision Marine will begin mapping out a timeline to test out the EV potential for additional models, such as the Aquasport 2100 Deck Boat, as it looks forward to bolstering its presence in the 19- to 25-foot deck boat segment.

“The successful sea trial results were the culmination of our team’s and partner’s collective efforts in the months leading up to the trials,” says Telfer Hanson, chairman and director of the Limestone Boat Company. “We are delighted with the Aquasport EV prototype’s performance and, based on the success of the trials, have received significant interest from potential industry partners who share our EV vision.”

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