Maserati trimaran ‘thrown into air’ by violent storm at Italian marina

Maserati Multi70 storm Giovanni Soldini Pagina Ufficiale

Severe storms in northern Italy have caused devastation at the Maserati Multi70 Sailing Team boatyard near Marina di Carrara.

Photos shared on social media by renowned Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini shows damage caused to the 21.2-metre trimaran, which was undergoing work in the yard. Strong winds lifted the vessel out of its supports and threw it several metres, sending it crashing to the ground.

Maserati Multi70
Image courtesy of Giovanni Soldini on Facebook
Maserati Multi70
Image courtesy of Giovanni Soldini on Facebook

“A violent whirlwind hit the area of our boatyard near Marina di Carrara this morning, causing enormous damage,” says Soldini in a Facebook post uploaded yesterday (18 Aug 22).

“The wind lifted Maserati Multi70 out of the supports and threw it to the ground metres away. We’re still trying to determine the extent of the damage, and tomorrow with a crane, we’ll put the boat back on the saddles and start ultrasound analysis to find the points that were hit.”

Footage captured in Marina di Carrara, after the storm in northern Italy left boats severely damaged

ThMaserati Multi70 is a futuristic trimaran designed for ocean challenges. According to Maserati, her most striking characteristic is her ability to rise off the water on her foils and T-foil rudders, drastically reducing her wet surface and thus boosting her performance. The racer can reach speeds of 40 knots.

Storms in northern Italy and Austria this week have so far claimed seven lives, including two people killed by falling trees on Thursday in Tuscany, where Marina di Carrara is located.

Damage was also reported at the market in Marina di Carrara, while a violent thunderstorm caused flooding in the coastal Versilia region, which is lined with luxurious resorts. Deck chairs and parasols were blown away.

The extreme weather in north Italy and Austria comes as the UK contends with flash flooding following a period of drought and high temperatures. Untreated sewage was released into the sea across Britain this week after the storms. Meanwhile, southern Italy is experiencing its sixth heatwave of the summer.

Forecasters said the storms would continue in the north of Italy for another 24 hours.

“These violent weather events, which cause serious damage, are linked to the high temperature of the Mediterranean water and are becoming more frequent,” says Soldini. “The climate emergency is right in front of everyone. To limit the consequences, we need to act now.”

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