MDL installs solar panels at Cobb’s Quay Marina

MDL Marinas has installed 100 Solar Edge panels to the Saltmarsh Building at its Cobb’s Quay Marina. This follows on from the installation of solar panels at its Hamble Point and Ocean Village marinas. Those have generated nearly 150,000kWh from April 2020 through to February 2021; the equivalent of planting 1,500 trees per year across the three sites.

The company has plans for similar at its Shamrock Quay and Saxon Wharf sites, complementing the existing Tesla and universal charging facilities at several of its marinas. MDL also recently launched MDL Fitness, a new range of green gyms where the fitness equipment converts human kinetic energy into electricity.

“We’re continuing with the roll out of our solar panel installations with additional panels recently installed and generating energy at Cobb’s Quay, with more to follow across the estate as we work through our green investment programme,” says Richard Broadribb, MDL’s property director.

“We use most of this solar power to supply our tenants and onsite services, while the fitness equipment at our new green gym is reusing the electricity it’s generating, as opposed to drawing from the grid.”

The solar panels were supplied and fitted by The Logical Group.

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