Mercury Marine unveils 40-115hp tiller

A new 40-115hp tiller is now available from Mercury Marine. Said to improve the experience of controlling a boat using the tiller handle, it’s compatible with Mercury four stroke outboard engines in the 40 through to 115 horsepower range.

The tiller adjusts so boaters can operate the tiller regardless of driving hand preference. The shift handle can be swapped to either side, and it also offers the ability to reverse the throttle grip rotation.

The tiller handle also has side to side adjustments up to 18 degrees port and starboard from the centre. The handle’s vertical angle can also be adjusted through an auto tilt lock system or down stop angle micro adjustment knob.

“Our research revealed that boaters are looking for advanced features for personalising tiller control setup,” says Kevin Hockerman, Mercury Associate Category Manager. “As a result, Mercury developed a more ergonomic, comfortable, responsive and adaptive tiller to improve boating experiences.”

The 40-115hp tiller also comes as standard with Mercury Troll Control which allows the boater to dial in precise trolling speeds by tapping a button to increase or decrease speed in 10 rpm increments. Mercury tiller handles now come with an integrated Engine Warning Display that includes visual and audible warnings for engine oil, temperature and electrical faults, or if the driver’s safety lanyard becomes disconnected.

A heated grip which offers different heat levels for cold weather conditions can also be purchased separately.

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