Mobile blackwater pump out boat launches at Haslar Marina

Haslar Marina has launched a mobile blackwater pump out solution for annual berth holders, as part of boatfolk’s wider strategy to create a sustainable future.

One flush from an untreated toilet has 250,000 times more bacteria than a flush that has been through the sewage treatment process, says boatfolk. By offering a hassle-free blackwater pump out service, the company hopes to make a difference with its collective efforts to decrease pollution caused by leisure boats.

When a boatfolk berth holder books with the office, the crew will embark on emptying the customer’s holding tank during the following week. Service users are asked to make a voluntary £5 donation to environmental causes.

“We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, and as a business based on and around the water, we focus our efforts on improving the marine environment,” says boatfolk MD, Michael Prideaux. “We want to do all we can to educate and engage with our customers, to dissuade boats pumping untreated blackwater into the marine environment. We recognise there is a lack of facilities at UK marinas currently and we are passionate about leading the way. Haslar Marina is a prime destination for boaters, and we are looking forward to providing easy, cost-free pump out solutions to our customers.”

Berth holders have been receptive.

“Just experienced the new Haslar service,” says one. “The blackwater pump out mounted on a workboat is a brilliant idea. I didn’t have to be present or do anything except turn my yacht as the pump out is on the stern.”

“We’re thrilled to offer this service for our berth holders at Haslar Marina,” says Ben Lippiett, Haslar Marina manager. “We knew that our efforts needed to be redoubled in this area, as many leisure vessels are responsible for discharging polluting blackwater into our marine environment. Through people and our places, we hope to inspire and influence people to make positive changes.

“The launch of our POO [Pump Out Objective] boat service has coincided perfectly with the #LoveYourHarbour campaign, designed to raise awareness of the extremely damaging consequences of discharging untreated sewage from a boat in a harbour.”

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