Norco to build 18 police patrol craft

Marine Specialised Technology (MST) has contracted with Norco to build the hull and superstructure for 18 HPB-1500 boat MOD police patrol craft.

This follows the successful delivery of two 19m vessels to replace HMS Pursuer and HMS Dasher in Gibraltar.

The first 15m MoD police patrol vessel left Norco’s facilities in Poole Q1 2022. Norco designed and manufactured the tools for the project and supplied the hull, wheelhouse and internal structure complete and ready for fit out and testing with MST Group.

“MST’s recent delivery and commissioning of HMS Cutlass into the Royal Navy’s Gibraltar Squadron was the culmination of a huge team effort, in which Norco composites was a key member, with them delivering high quality composite structures and components for HMS Cutlass and her sister craft HMS Dagger,” says Andy Phillips, MST’s group technical director.

MST says it chose to partner with Norco in the very early stages of the project, recognising that both its technical capabilities and manufacturing facilities would be instrumental for successful project delivery.

“Having been involved from an early stage we were able to work closely with the MST project team and naval architects to optimise tool design, build in design for manufacture, thus ensuring weight targets were repeatably achieved at an early stage,” says project engineer Ned Popham. “Norco is continuing to develop and advance large direct injected infused structures to minimise part weight, resin waste and ensure the highest quality.”

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This article was written and/or edited by the UK-based MIN team.

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