Ouch! World’s best windsurfers get it wrong

Luderitz Speed Challenge has released footage of some of the close calls and crashes caught on camera during the windsurfing championships.

The latest Luderitz Speed Challenge was held last month in Namibia, with some of the world’s top windsurfers competing and setting records of over 55 knots.

The exhilarating footage is from on-board cameras that capture every second of action as the competitors fly across the water at jaw-dropping speeds.

At this year’s Speed Challenge meet in November 2021, Bjorn Dunkerbeck set a new Spanish record of 103,68 km/h (55.98 knots).

While the warm desert winds of Luderitz are usually welcome for the windsurfing elite, the footage demonstrates the other side of speed, with rigs flying through the air and proving very difficult to chase after as they are picked up by the high winds.

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