VIDEO: World’s fastest windsurfers set blistering records

Luderitz Speed Challenge windsurfing

Some of the world’s most skilled windsurfers met at the Luderitz Speed Challenge last month, breaking records along the speed ‘track’ in Namibia.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck posted this incredible footage of him flying across the water at 103,68 km/h (55.98 knots).

Now sailing under his Spanish passport, Dunkerbeck took to the water at the Luderitz Speed Challenge and broke Pep Bonet’s Spanish national record.

Hans Kreisel notched up an exhilarating 52.68 knots and walked away the newly crowned Dutch national record holder and fastest of this year’s runners.

Lüderitz is a harbour town in the Karas region of southern Namibia, lying on one of the least hospitable coasts in Africa. The warm desert winds accelerate through the surrounding hills, and on reaching the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean thermal atmospheric pressure creates incredibly high wind speeds.

Statistically the wind blew on average at 35 knots plus at least three times a week during the period of the event, often reaching 40-45 knots and sometimes up to 50 to 65 knots of warm, stable wind.

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