Premium Walcon pontoons for Netherlands ‘Room for The River IJsseldelta’ Project

By | November 12, 2018

Walcon Marine via its Benelux distributor W2 Support B.V. has supplied a series of premium pontoons as part of the ongoing development of one of the largest flood-risk management schemes in the Netherlands in recent years.  Not only have the pontoons been built to a very high specification, but the project architects also required additional features and styling which Walcon was happy to accommodate.

The ‘Room for the River IJsseldelta’ project is a major undertaking that includes the deepening of seven kilometres of the River IJssel and the construction of a new flood channel, the Reevediep. The result will be the creation of a new area for storing floodwater for managed release into the Drontermeer and IJsselmeer.

In addition to facilitating the flow of excess water, the Reevediep also forms an important link and shortcut in the network of sailing routes between the bordering lakes around the province of Flevoland and the river IJssel. Walcon Marine and W2 Support have engineered and supplied the pontoons for the fairways either side of the lock that connects the channel with lakes, located on the newly-built dyke of the river IJssel.

In total five jetties, each 100 metres in length, have been supplied to main contractor Boskalis. The pontoons are Walcon’s proven System 21 units but built with extra-high freeboard of 900 mm and double fendering. While the majority of traffic using the pontoons will be smaller leisure craft, this specification will enable them to comfortably handle barges and other larger vessels. In keeping with this, they also have a higher than usual live load.

Another feature is the handrails that run along the rear edge of each jetty. These required a compensating solution to ensure that the decking remained completely level. Walcon personnel attended on-site to assist with the installation.

“This has been a very satisfying project that demonstrates our ability to deliver custom solutions down to the finest details,” says James Walters, managing director of Walcon Marine. “We worked closely with the project architects to ensure that they achieved exactly the effect and style that they sought.

“It is also a pleasure to be working once again with Peter van Dyke as our Benelux distributor. This has been a flagship project for the renewed relationship and we look forward to continuing our success in winning business in this important and discerning market in partnership with Peter and W2 Support.