Rebelcell Outdoorbox


Rebelcell in the last 10 years has become a leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries for angling in Europe, with strong market positions in mainland Europe. Compact and lightweight, the Rebelcell Outdoorbox is a robust, portable power source for outdoor use. The IP65 waterproof product is well suited for use in kayak and carp angling, available from 35 to 70 amps, and has running time of 2 – 8 hours.

Performance data

  • Compact & lightweight: the Outdoorbox weighs just 3.7kg.
  • Top performance: more power and high thrust even when battery is nearly empty, deep discharge (up to 100 per cent) without negative effects on performance or cycle life.
  • Low cost: up to 50 per cent lower battery cost per year compared to lead batteries.
  • High ease of use: one click connection of trolling engine. Waterproof (IP65). Full recharge in less than four hours with 10A charger. 12V socket, separate USB charger + extra blue ANEN connector for trolling engine.
  • Reliable and long life: built-in abuse protection (against deep discharge, high voltage, high temperatures etc) by BMS. Integrated 10A/60A circuit breaker. User life up to 10 seasons.
  • Warranty: two years.

Find out more

The Rebelcell range can be ordered through SMG Distribution.

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