Rowing and watersports pontoons


Inland and Coastal Marina Systems (ICMS) designs, manufactures and installs pontoons, creating water access solutions for the leisure marine and commercial marine industries. 

Its years of experience designing berthing for many different types of watercraft has led to the development of its rowing and watersports pontoons to provide safe and stable access and egress to the water for rowers, kayakers, paddleboarders, and sailors.


ICMS’ rowing and watersports pontoons are used extensively throughout the UK and Ireland in clubs and schools where a low freeboard pontoon is required to safely launch and recover participants’ boats and boards.

ICMS designs and manufactures bespoke low freeboard, high residual buoyancy pontoons, which can be adapted to provide comfortable, anti-slip water access for all users from elite athletes to complete beginners, across a wide spectrum of different watersports and activities.

By maximising reserve buoyancy and stability, multiple users can launch boats simultaneously from ICMS’ watersports pontoons, while the pontoon remains close enough to the water so that oars, riggers and paddles are able to come over the deck.

With safety a key issue, the types of boats and the lifting abilities of the people using them are central to ICMS’ design process, and the pontoons are decked with watersports-specific decking, which offers excellent anti-slip properties when wet.

Multiple mooring and installation options enable ICMS to complement any existing structure or natural edge, working with the location and environmental loads, whether tidal river, exposed coast or calm lake setting.

Performance data

With a design life of 25 years, ICMS’ watersports pontoons offer a more sustainable berthing option for watersports centres, rowing clubs and schools. The watersports pontoons have live load capacities of 1kN/m2 to 2kN/m2, and the grade 275 steel main frame is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461.

Used for

Ideal for waterside developments where safe, stable and anti-slip water access for various activities is required. In 2018, ICMS’ watersports pontoons were installed at the Strathclyde Country Park for use at the Commonwealth Games and the Scottish Rowing Championships, and more recently have upgraded the facilities available at Marlow Rowing Club on the Thames, Kings School Rowing Club on the River Dee, and Leigh and Lowton Sailing Club.

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For more information, visit the Inland and Coastal Marina Systems website.

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